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Jamila Wasson-Pehan, CPE
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Client Testimonials for Anuyou Electrolysis

Jamila has been doing electrolysis to remove hair from my chin and I am thrilled with the progress she has made. I have gone from having thick, dark hairs on my chin that were visible from a distance to having much thinner and far less visible hairs on my chin, to only visible when I look closely in a well lit mirror. I am no longer self conscious about the hairs, since they are barely visible. I feel much more comfortable with my face, which is a real gift. I no longer worry about shaving or waxing the hairs and am no longer concerned that people notice them. This has increased my confidence and general comfort level. Thank you, Jamila! - MB

I feel so good after I see you! I've been to electrolysis before and gotten rid of patches of dark hair. I feel confident in your experience and training. I feel comfortable with your easy going outlook, love of life, and acceptance of my needs regarding hair removal. You are flexible and easy to contact. I would recommend any of my friends to come to Anuyou for your services! - SR

I lost my tweezers and I don't even care anymore! Thanks Jamila! - SD